Unforgotten Tower of Destiny

Meeting the Oracle

Upon discovering the threat of Thoran and his gang of dark ones our heroes set out to gain entry to the scepter tower. Having found the entrance well guarded they managed to find an underground pathway into the tower from below. Rushing through the tower they foiled Thoran’s plans to capture and enslave Lady Saharel. In doing so they gained favor with her and in return she answered a question from each of them, sending them on the path to achieving a personal goal and future adventure.

The Story So Far
This is where the adventure log begins.

The story so far,

Our heroes first banded together when meeting with “Curuvar the Brazen”. Some of our heroes posessing a series of poems relating to an oracle with the ability to see the future came to Loudwater in search of this oracle. Curuvar was able to give them a map and they banded together with the other heroes who were just returning from an unrelated quest investigating an attack on the town by goblins.

While on the way to the ruins of Spellgard where this oracle is said to be located our heroes ran into some troubles, including an ambush by a band of hobgoblins. Arriving at spellgard they found a monastary set up to assist seekers of the oracle. There are many who have tried to locate the oracle but no one has yet been known to succeed as it is not known how to get her to appear. There are also rumors around that someone new has come to Spellgard and has set up in the main un-ruined tower.

Exploring the ruins on the first day our heroes run into a couple of ettercaps carrying a column and accompanied by a couple dark ones. Defeating this group the heroes identify that the column is somehow enchanted and leave it at the monastary for safe keeping while they head off for the tower the next day. But their journey to the tower was sidetracked when they ran into a group of wererats, and interrogated one to learn that their hideout is in a rebuilt section of ramparts to the north of the ruins.

Now our heroes are exploring the were-rat infested ramparts searching for the treasures they have raided from those seeking the lady Saharel, the oracle of Spellgard.


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